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Real Estate Career

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As the premier tenant and buyer focused brokerage in New York, we are uniquely positioned to provide the resources, support, and experience needed to become an influential presence in the market. We are highly selective - our exceptionally professional and capable team has an established reputation of consistently generating the best possible results for our clients.
Built For Clients
We reject the transaction centric approach of traditional firms. Our revenue model is built around adding value and minimizing costs. Loftey clients have received over $1,000,000 in reduced rent to date
Tech Optimized
Our tools and processes are designed from the ground up to give our clients a competitive edge in Real Estate transactions
Results Oriented
Expanding our highly reviewed positive client experience is our number one priority. We provide industry leading training and ample career advancement opportunities to top performers.
We hold regular social events and weekly office meetings. The office is a collaborative open space stocked with everything our team needs to be productive from conference rooms, call booths, and computers to snacks and refreshments. Loftey never charges desk fees, marketing fees, or transaction fees. Let us pay you!