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I won't pay market rent? What? Why? How?

Our goal is simple - save you money. We could not think of a better way to do this than to lower the rent on all NYC apartments, even ones on other websites.

Since Loftey works on referral fees, when you rent an apartment through Loftey you will receive a lower effective rent without paying additional broker fees.

You can choose to redeem your discount with either an upfront payment or lower monthly rent payments if you use our online rent payment platform.

How am I actually saving money?

Loftey will guarantee a lower effective rent on your apartment. Through relationships we have built with various buildings and brokers, we will try to negotiate the rent lower on your behalf. However, if the rent is not negotiable, Loftey will literally write you a check.

Loftey will reduce your rent by $25-$200. To find the rent reduction amount for a particular apartment, please sign up and visit your dashboard. If you find an apartment that you like on another website, please contact us to find out what the rent reduction will be.

What is your fee?

Loftey only works on referral fees. There is never any additional charge or fee when seeing any apartment with Loftey. If an apartment you like has a broker fee, whether you found it on our website or any other site, the fee you pay is determined by the landlord or his representative. The fee never goes up because you used Loftey. As a result, if you rent any apartment with Loftey, whether it is on our website or any other website, you will save hundreds because of the lower effective rent we offer.

What about no-fee apartments?

No-fee buildings will typically pay us a referral fee to bring you to their building. Since many buildings pay the fee on your behalf, those looking only at no-fee buildings can enjoy the same savings since we are being paid by the buildings and you can still have your rent reduced!

What if I can’t afford an upfront fee?

If there are any fees associated with your move whatsoever - broker fees, building fees, condo fees, you name it - hold on to your money for a little longer. Loftey allows you to pay broker fees over time, instead of upfront for as little as $200.

What if I find an apartment I like on another website?

We’d be crazy to ask you not to look at other websites. Luckily we found a solution! Loftey’s savings apply to apartments on other websites. If you like an apartment on a different site, send us the link so we can help consolidate the search for you and do all the work including weeding out all the fake listings. Seeing it with Loftey will not cost you anything extra and you will get a reduced rent and ability to pay all fees over time.

What is the catch?

You are probably thinking, ‘how could I benefit from all these savings without incurring additional costs somewhere in the process?’ However, unlike every other broker you’ve ever heard of - there is no catch here. Since Loftey gets paid off referral fees, we have found a way to help you rent any apartment in NYC and actually put money back in your pocket instead of take more out.

What if I don't need to move right away?

You can participate in our Pre-Move Program! Here is how it works - we have many clients looking to rent apartments just like yours. If you aren't moving for a while, we would love to show your apartment to our prospective clients so that maybe they will be the lucky tenant to live there after you leave. We will pay you 20% of your current one-month’s rent, in cash, to simply allow us to show your apartment. For example, if your rent is $3,000 a month and you participate, we will write you a check for $600. This, of course, is in addition to the other great incentives we mentioned above.